Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mivan Formwork System (Aluminium Formwork)

Aluminium Formwork (MIVAN)

The MIVAN Formwork System is a uniquely designed method of using aluminium formwork panels to construct reinforced concrete buildings. 

A number of aluminium panels are fixed together forming a mould for a part of the building. The mould is then filled with concrete and the sets of panels are then removed, reconnected and filled with concrete each day. This re-occuring schedule completes the structure in very short period of time and to a high quality standard. The benefits of the system are maximized when all elements of the building structure, including the walls, are cast in-situ concrete. When the concrete walls are designed to support the structure itself, than they are termed as load bearing wall design.

Minimum slump of 160mm (±25) is required for concreting.

The vertical shuttering is removed after 24hrs and the horizontal shuttering after 36 hrs. 

The curing is done for 7 days and the cycle can be repeated in 5-6 days of time.

The formwork is further distributed in various components such as Beam components, Deck components, Slab components and wall components.

The Advantages of Mivan Formwork are

1)It is made up of Aluminium metal and hence it is lighter than conventional formworks.
2)It can be custom designed to meet the required project specifications. 
3)Since the various components are available readymade, carpentry required is less and it can be erected using unskilled labours. 
4)One cycle takes only 9 – 13 days. So work is carried out more faster and much efficiently. 
5)Maximum repetition of MIVAN shuttering is 200 times and for prefabricated, 300 times for conventional . 
6)Block work can be reduced as MIVAN requires 66% shear walls.
7)Plastering is not required as the formwork provides smooth surfaces. 
8)Cost of labour is less

The Disadvantages of MIVAN FORMWORK are

1)Initial cost is higher compared to conventional formwork 
2)Failure of one part will lead to the failure of whole structure.

Components of Mivan

Formwork assembly

  • Exit corner
  • Soffit length
  • Wall ties
  • Soffit corner
  • Deck Panel
  • Wall Panel

Deck Components

  • Deck panel
  • Deck Mid- beam
  • Deck Prop
  • Soffit length
  • Prop length

Beam Components

  • Prop Head
  • Beam side panel
  • Beam soffit bullhead.
  • Beam soffit Panel.

Other components

  • Exit corner
  • Internal soffit corner
  • Internal corner.
  • External soffit corner.

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