Thursday, June 4, 2020

What is Difference between Formwork, Shuttering & Centering

This article contains the difference between Formwork, Shuttering & Centering. They are temporary structures used for placing concrete, and used each for its specific functions. 


Formworks are temperory or permanent moulds arrangement used to pour concrete or any other material. The formwork can be vertical or horizontal or both which are used to pour the concrete and let it gain its desired strength until they are able to withstand or take the load.
Formworks shall be removed as soon as possible after the concrete set, to avoid shrinkage cracking.

These formworks can be made of many different materials, here i am mentioning few of them to give you idea such as
  1. Traditional timber formwork - Are prepared in site which are made of timber and plywood
  2. Engineered Formwork System- Prepared by fabrication of metal into mould shape
  3. Aluminium Formwork ( Mivan ) -These are manufactured inside factory and can be used for many repetitions.



Shuttering is basically the formwork which supports the vertical surface. They can be made of plywood, metal, plastics, epoxy moulds, aluminium etc.
Shuttering can be of core walls, retaining walls, columns or any other vertical surface.

Shuttering or vertical formwork (column, wall)  can be removed within 16-24hrs



They are the temporary arrangement of formwork in a horizontal manner. They can be of variety of horizontal surfaces such as Beams, Slab bottoms.

For Props(supports) to Slabs,
  • Spanning upto 4.5m, they can be removed after 7 days .
  • Spanning over 4.5m, they can be removed after 14 days.
For Props to beams & arches,
  • Spanning upto 6m, they can be removed after 14 days.
  • Spanning over 6m, they can be removed after 21 day.

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