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How to Recall email in outlook? Easy steps with Photos (2021)


How to Recall Email in outlook? Easy steps with Photos (2021)

What happens when we accidentally send an Email with a lack of information or to the wrong person or group of people? Is there any procedure to make the email disappear from the recipient's MS Outlook Email?

The answer is yes!! Recall email in the outlook feature.

Recalling the email is a built-in feature in Microsoft Outlook, which reverts back the email you have sent to a person mistakenly, incomplete, or any other reason who haven’t yet opened it with an option of delete or replace.

Sounds Simple?

Yes!! it is very simple to Recall the email in MS Outlook [2021], but certain conditions have to be followed.

Conditions/ Rules for Recall email in outlook 2021

1. The First Condition/Rule is “The sender of the email and the recipient of the email mandatory have  Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange email account, that too in the same organization”. The feature will not work if one person is using a Gmail account and another Microsoft email account or if they are from different organizations.

2. The Second Condition/RuleThe Email must not be opened by the recipient and the email should be in inbox folder” If the email is opened by the recipient in MS outlook, you will not be able to use the function of to Recall email. The same goes with the folder the email has gone, if the email went to the Spam folder or any other, this feature will not work.

3. The Third Condition/Rules “Recipient internet should be on, so as the email goes to the recipient inbox”. The feature only works when the email is received to the recipient's inbox, if not the feature is not available.


Steps of How to recall Outlook emails

Step 1 Click Sent Email >> Look for Email you want to Recall >> Double Click Email to open all the features of email. The window will open like the picture below

How to Recall email in outlook? Easy steps with Photos (2021)

Step 2 Click Message >> Actions >> Recall this message

Step 3 A pop-up will open confirming to delete the Email from the recipient or to replace the email.

How to Recall email in outlook? Easy steps with Photos (2021)

Note – If you delete the email then it will be deleted, but if you choose to Replace the email then a new pop-up will come to modify the email.

When Recall an email in the outlook feature will not work?

1. When someone opens your message before you use the function.

2. When the email went to some different folder other than Inbox.

3.  When the recipient is using any other account other than ms outlook which can be Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

4. If the recipient is from another organization.

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