Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

We welcome you to makecivileasy.com

Here we request you to follow the terms and conditions of the website makecivileasy.com, as mentioned in the given terms and conditions.

We assume as you accept all the terms and conditions while using our website. We hope you don’t surf our website if you don’t wish to accept our conditions.

The terminologies applies to all the declaimers. Privacy policy and the terms and conditions for the clients, the users and us.

We may use your cookies while you will be browsing www.makecivileasy.com

The cookies used helps us retrieve the details of visits of users. It helps in maintain the functionality to areas for users to visit in a easier manner to our site. Some of our advertisers many also use the cookies.

Makecivileasy owns the materials published in the website unless it is stated with a source.

And you must not 
Republish the material from www.makecivileasy.com
Sell it or rent it from www.makecivileasy.com
Reproduce it or make duplicate copies of www.makecivileasy.com
Redistribute the makerial from www.makecivileasy.com

Makecivileasy holds the right to monitors the comments and can remove if found in appropriate.

Hyperlink to our content
The person has to inform prior to use as content as hyperlink on the content.

Content Liability
We do not hold any responsibility of the content on your website. The if any claims rises in your web page, you should defend us. The link should not be provided to any page which violate the third party rights.

Privacy Policy
We request you to please read our privacy policy

Removal of links from our website
If you find any link which is violating or offensive than you are free to contact us. If our team finds is inappropriate we will surly consider and rectify it.

We don’t ensure all the information provided in this website is appropriate and accurate. And so we cannot ensure the material on the website will be there always and can be kept upto date

We request you to check our Disclaimer page

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